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Bait Boat Buyers Guide


Look for things in the boat that openly displays the build quality and process that goes into the boat build.

Does the company openly share images and knowledge of the parts they use and how they put them together? Are the parts hand made from cables to hoppers or are these purchased in from cheap sites across Asia? Also, how possible is it to call and talk to the people who actually design, develop and build the products.



What is the ease of serviceability of the bait boat? Is the boat made in a way that the top can be removed for ease of access to parts that can be easily serviced and changed? If your bait boat is a sealed unit, you will not be able to change parts, such as batteries yourself, and if you need a professional company to service the boat, you will not only have to pay for the needed repair, but also for a hull split, reseal and repair.
Also ensure that any company that does carry out any repairs is reputable, knowledgeable and professional enough to know the different makes and models of bait boats to be able to not only just change parts but advise the best course of action for a timely and cost effective repair.


When purchasing a bait boat, think about the location and ease of contact with the place of purchase. Should you have to return the boat for any servicing or upgrade, is it a drive or domestic post of the boat or do you have to send far and wide across international water. Also take into consideration the after care and service. Is the company you purchased from, happy to talk through usability and challenges after the sale and if there is the need for a return, how long will the repair take and how long will you be without the bait boat. The final thing to look at in this category is the length of warranty that is supplied as standard with the bait boat. This will tell you a lot about the confidence that the company has in their product.


Gives full visibility of any direction that you place a camera, as if you were actually sitting on the boat. For example, if you chose the front facing camera, during both day and night, you will have full frontal clear perspective of where you actually are positioned on the lake and what is approaching. A rear mounted camera can either allow you see exactly how much bait you have left in the hoppers and precisely drop bait using the incremental, independent left and right hopper control. Alternatively, the rear mounted camera can act as a rear navigation guide in the same way the front facing camera operates.  A down facing (below water level) camera allows you to see the placing of your lead rig and bait for easier return to good fishing spots in the lake.



No Camera Bait Boat


Having no cameras installed means the outlay will be less, and there are less parts to travel around with, such as viewing monitors.

This does mean though, that if you decided later down the line to upgrade and install and FTV Video System, you may have to not just pay for the part, but also the installation costs.


Bait Boat With Camera


When fittered during the build process, the costs will be lower as most of the installation costs can be incorporated into the build. You will also be able to see front, back, down or in the hooper depending on which set-up you choose.

There will be no upgrade wants or costs down the line as all the hardware is installed. It is kind of like starting at the top of the ladder rather than the bottom.